frequently asked questions

We love questions.  We ask a ton of questions to get to know you and expect you to have a lot of questions as well. There is no detail too small for us! Here are some of the most common questions we receive.  



Why should I work with a wedding planner?

You have the ability to plan your event.  However, you want your spare time for other things- like spending time together without talking about wedding plans, volunteer work, or travels and adventures.  our clients are creative, intelligent, resourceful people.  None of them have ever come to us saying “I can’t plan my event.” Instead it is always, “We need help with our event.”  You may have a graduate degree to complete, a job you love that requires a lot of your time and energy, or children who are your top priority.  We lead you through the planning process in a way that enables you to keep your top priorities in focus.


Will you take over my wedding?

No! Our desire is that your values, personalities and style inform every aspect of your wedding day.  We are available as expert guides to walk you through the process and every element of the process is designed to make it about you as a couple.  Not only does this give you the wedding of your dreams, we are also happier.  It is a lot more exciting for us to custom design a wedding for each couple rather than apply a cookie-cutter formula.  We take pride in the fact that we will never do the same design twice.


What does my investment include?

No matter what package you select, you will have unlimited access to us.  Weddings are a steep learning curve so whether you’ve hired us for Month of Coordination or Full Planning, we are available to help you navigate the planning process.   

All packages also include the following:

A lead planner and one assistant are with you from start to finish on your wedding day

Full Access to our wedding planning software

Final Walkthrough at your venue with your caterer and any other wedding professionals

We assist or run your wedding rehearsal with your officiant

We set up, maintain, and clean up all personal wedding decor.

We ensure you and your guests experience the highest level of personalized service.

We are the point of contact for all vendors so you are free to enjoy your wedding.

We work proactively to solve any concerns that arise during the event.

All gifts, decor items and extra favors are placed in a designated vehicle.

Full wedding day emergency kit available at all times (includes solutions for almost any challenge that arises.)



How is A. Griffin Events financially compensated?  do you take commissions?

We believe working with us should be as straightforward as possible.  Your investment means we will plan and execute all the details from start to finish on your wedding day.  We do not receive commissions, instead we pass on any discounts we may receive from vendors.  We personally coordinate your wedding day so you have someone who knows exactly how you want the day to run.  We strive to offer the highest level of service and attention to detail without any hidden fees or unexpected terms.


What exactly do you do?

We are a combination of a maven who knows all the right people to create your vision, the artist who turns ideas into a gorgeous reality, an executive assistant who manages every aspect of your wedding planning, a stylist who makes you both look like your best self, and, at times, your friend and counselor who listens and helps you manage the various relationship dynamics.


How does it work?

1. We start by asking a lot of questions- we want to know you and what is important to each of you.  We love to meet at your favorite restaurant, bar or coffee shop to see how you celebrate.  We love it when clients welcome us into their home so we can see their personal style.  

2. We then suggest a team of creatives who fit your style, personality and budget.  If you are month of coordination, it is up to you to contact and book these vendors.  For full and partial planning clients, we contact them, attend all the meetings and negotiate all the contracts for you.  

3. We work through every last detail and suggest details you may not have thought of.  From the brushed metal table number holder to the rompers the bridesmaids wear while getting ready, we think of it and help you achieve it.


Who will I be working with?

All three of us will know the details of your wedding.  We each take the lead on different weddings so that one person is ultimately responsible for the details of your celebration.  However, you will have access to each of us throughout the planning process.  


How many A. Griffin Events team members will be there on my wedding day?

The minimum is one lead planner and an assistant.  If you have more than 150 guests we may add an additional assistant.  We all get excited to see your dream wedding come to life so it’s not rare for all of us to be there for a period of time.  This may not always be possible, but we really love seeing our couples looking fabulous and that moment when the couples first see each other.   


What if I don’t know what I want our wedding to look like?

Fantastic! That means we get to explore your options with you.  We will take time to get to know you and suggest different ideas to get a feel for how you celebrate.  

We like to think working with us is like visiting your favorite restaurant.  (We love food by the way, we talk about it a lot!)  You know whatever you choose from the menu will be amazing so you get to choose each course knowing it will be a memorable dining experience.  


What if I know exactly what I want for my wedding day?

Fantastic! :)  We will find the perfect people to execute it.  We don’t stop until your ideas become a gorgeous reality.


Why do you want a copy of my pictures?

Two reasons:

  1. We get kind of attached (actually really attached) to our couples.  We are definitely as excited as you to see the pictures of your day.  And we love reliving the moments and to see the moments we missed because we were getting Grandma a glass of wine or putting your gifts in your car.  

  2. We love sharing the details of your celebration to inspire other couples, to show what it means to create a meaningful, personal wedding and be fully present to it.  We usually share details like your decorations, signs, wedding dress and shoes (always the SHOES!!!), jewelry and invitation.  If you prefer that we don’t share any images with people in them, we are happy to do so- all you have to do is ask.